San Pedro de Alcántara - Club San Pedro Golf
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San Pedro de Alcántara

San Pedro de Alcántara

San Pedro Alcántara is located in the Vega de San Pedro Alcántara, in a wide coastal strip delimited by a semicircle of ravines that surround it. To the east is the Sierra Blanca de Marbella, with its highest point, the Lastonar peak (1270 m). Somewhat further north is the Sierra Real or Real del Duque; the Sierra Palmitera behind which the peaks of the Sierra de Las Nieves and Tolox.

To the west Monte Mayor, and finally closing the Sierra Bermeja mountain line, three rivers run along the slopes and feet of these mountains: Guadalmina, Guadaiza and Guadalmansa, and several streams that save a great difference in level in a few kilometers. the southern limit is the moon coast itself, which consists of a succession of beaches, starting from Puerto Banus, San Pedro Alcantara and finally Guadalmina. All these beaches are perfectly cared for, having been that of San Pedro Alcántara-Guadalmina (4900 m), with its new landscaped promenade, awarded the Blue Flag since 1993, all of which makes it a luxury to enjoy golf in this city.


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